Looking for Reinforcements

We are looking forward to your reinforcement

at the ► oboes

at the ► saxophones
at ► percussions (cymbals, bells, small & large drum),
at the ► violins,
at the ► violas,
at the ► violoncelli,
at the ► double basses,

and – in the medium term – at the ► harp.

Photo © Michael Zachow

Also in the long run we are looking forward to reinforcing all string sections, because there can't be too many strings in a symphony orchestra, can there? And once we have grown really big, maybe we will change our name to Berlin Homophil harmonics – let's see ... ;-)


So – please contact us and take part in a rehearse every Wednesday evening ( 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.) !

We also welcome all the other instruments, even if they are not explicitly listed here, because there are occasional fluctuations in the orchestra.


In the ► Regulations you will find everything about


  • the "proper inclusion" into the orchestra,
  • the design and determination of programmes,
  • the monthly orchestra membership fee,
  • possibly upcoming audio / video recordings,
  • the Orchestra Council and
  • the agreement between the artistic director and the board of the orchestra association.


for a thriving orchestral togetherness ...

Are you interesseted?

Please contact us – we are looking forward to you!